Mummy Anna:
“They really worked for me! I squirted after eating them for a number of days, and I hadn’t done that for months. I love it when I can eat them anytime I want, and I saved some money from buying vitamins!”
From Mummy Crystal:
“I’d rather have cookies anytime. After eating a few days, I had to get up very early to express, something that I have not done before. So I think they made a difference. Thank you Milk of Love!”
From Mummy Mrs Lee:
“I can’t take Fenugreek, and so have been looking around for a more natural way to boost my milk supply. It seemed like this option was not available in Singapore, until I found Milk of Love. Now my baby can take as much milk she wants!”
photo 1
From Mummy Adeline:
Great Stuff! Thick plastic, and bags stand up on their own quite well. Zipper of course is secure, and freezes well flat. 🙂
photo 2
From Mummy Josie:
Took a picture of how my freezer now looks like. Really like dealing with Min, who is helpful and tries to deliver my orders as soon as possible. Maybe also because she’s a breastfeeding mummy herself, so it’s easier to speak to her. The bags are really affordable, comparing to Pigeon (which I was using beforehand). Imagine how much I have saved after she introduced this to me. Definitely will continue my orders from her!
photo 3
From Mummy Joy:
I really think these bags are one of the best ones out there. Being so precious, we always worry about leakages (which they don’t) and spillage (so much easier compared to some other brands that I’ve used previously!) And honestly… they are so affordable! Really worth using them.

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