About Me


My name is Min. I am a mother of 2 beautiful and adorable children. I insisted to give my children full breast milk since they were born, but the breastfeeding journey was never easy.

I did not have enough milk for my first child. She was dehydrated by the time she was 3 days’ old, and we have to send her back to the hospital. In the end, I have to supplement her with formula. My breastmilk eventually came, but still not enough for her, and hence, she was on half-half. I have cracked nipples and it was so painful whenever I breastfed. It was frustrating and disappointing that I was not able to generate enough milk to satisfy her even with what I have gone through.

By the time I have my 2nd child, I told myself that I have to do all I can to ensure that he can be on full breast milk. I did all sort of research online, pumping every 2-3 hours to create the supply, and kept feeding myself with lots of vitamins (I can be eating 20 tablets everyday)! My supply still did not come in (my boy has to drink some formula again), and it frustrates me further with unwanted comments from relatives and lack of rest. But I was determined to carry on.

It was until I came across articles on lactation cookies. I decided to try them out, and was surprised with the results. I usually eat 2 pieces of cookies (if I can control myself from eating them) on the average per day, and I have an increase of about 11% of milk collected over a period of 5 days. I could finally start to reduce the number of formula feeds for my son! I reduced the amount of vitamins (because Fenugreek is quite expensive) I’m eating daily to boost the milk supply, and experimented with the lactation cookies’ recipes instead.

Today, I’m so proud to tell people that my son is on full breast milk, and he has a chest freezer full of frozen milk whenever he needs them. And this is how Milk of Love is created.

Milk of Love is the first and only place in Singapore providing lactation cookies. Through Milk of Love, I hope that young mothers like us will have an easier time in the breastfeeding journey.

With Love,