Cookies, cookies and more cookies!

2013 has been a very challenging year for me – trying to cope with a baby, a toddler, work & business have been crazy. But it has been fulfilling as well, when I get returning mummies / daddies, or more mummies / daddies getting my cookies due to good reviews.

People asked me – what’s so special about your cookies? Besides all the benefits of boosting breast milk supply and health benefits, well… who knows the best besides a breastfeeding mummy herself? Cookies are made with love, tested by breastfeeding mummies, for breastfeeding mummies, and that is exactly what makes the cookies special. I am personally still breastfeeding and my son is already 11 months’ old – which is an amazing difference compared to my gal previously. Am going to continue for as long as possible, not just about giving him the best milk in the entire world, but also to be able to test my own cookies myself!

2014 – as usual, testing and testing to give all of you the best that I can do. Am also looking for more tie-ups to spread the word (of cos still thankful to my lovely mummies / daddies for spreading the words as well), and perhaps a new packaging. Already started 2014 with my new logo. šŸ™‚


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